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Another year at Magee Marsh

It was another great year at Magee Marsh!  For those of you not familiar with Magee Marsh, it is a small area on the southern shore of Lake Erie in Ohio that is a major stopping point in their spring migration.  It is considered a major birding site and is visited every year by people from around the world.  I enjoy Magee for the birds, but also the great people I've come to know over the years.  This year gave us a great diversity in species, but not numbers.  I typically go for the first two weekends of May as this is typically the height of the migration

The weather was horrible!   I have never had to shoot Magee Marsh in a winter coat.  This year was the exception!  It was cold and cloudy all but one day.  Not only did this result in high-ISO photography, but it completely changed the way I typically shoot Magee.

Friday, May 3 --   I arrived late this year, so I missed the morning shoot.  Mornings are typically my best time but in the end it wasn't a great loss as there was …

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